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  1. These were all recommendations sent by neighbors in Jan 2013, when someone emailed the group, asking for optometrists recommendations.

    I use Optometrist Group. 770-394-2110 they have a location right there in the Georgetown Kroger shopping center. I like both Dr.'s equally. Ive used them sure years. - Dona C

    I work in the Ophthalmology department of Emory Healthcare. We are located on Johnson Ferry near the Glenridge connector. We have an Awesome Optometrist at our office. My whole family uses her. Her name is Ann Van Wie. She is there Tuesday-Thursday. It is 3 miles from Huntley Hills neighborhood. I highly recommend her. - Jenny B

    I love Dr. Jason Heaven. He is on Buford Hwy too - Mary Lea B

    I go to Georgia Optometry Group. It’s in the Georgetown Kroger shopping center, on the left end near the new wine bar. I started going there years ago, because it was nearby and was on my insurance. There are several doctors, but I see Dr. Gary Pence. Nice guy, about our age. – Carolyn W

    I highly recommend Costco Optical department and the Brookhaven Optimist center that is in the Brookhaven Costco. The Optometrist is a young MD female and the glasses at Costco are great and priced great. They send out the lens orders to Seattle and they use Japanese optical equipment. You do not have to be a member of Costco to get your eyes examined. You do have be a member to get the glasses. It is well worth the membership and they are high quality. I went to Lenscrafters for years and I got screwed for lousy lenses! - Beth

    Dr. Paul Glass - 2163 Northlake Pkwy, Tucker, GA 30084 at Phone:(770) 491-0105
    He is an expert in his field, extremely knowledgable about how other medical conditions effect the eyes. – Kathryn R

    MT. VernonEyecare DAVE MELDRUM they have everything there. (770) 394-4568 they are next to Panera Bread on Mt. Vernon near Dunkin Donuts. You can tell him I sent you if you like. Nice guy. Cindy

    I like Mt. Vernon Eye Care. We have been there for years. – Allison P

    My husband and I started going to the optometrist in the new Brookhaven shopping center with Public and Cosco. It’s called Reflections EyeCare. They are so friendly and have a great memory for who we are and our eye needs. I see Dr Brian Schultz and I think my husband sees Dr Gavin Cohen. They are very throe and I can’t say enough good things about them. Mark is the guy who fits you with glasses and he is super nice and very attentive. http://www.reflectionseyecare.com/aboutus.html